Pleasure And Danger

Today I decided to read Harryette Mullen's _Trimmings_ while walking from downtown to the Mannequin Museum that is home. I wanted to see what would happen to the words if I was moving and yes, they moved with me. Unfortunately there is some sort of ban on reading-while-walking in B'ham, Washington. Several SUVs tried very hard to hit me (on the words "sashay," "kitchen," and "sequin") and a police car passed me and honked, looking very annoyed as I crossed the crosswalk slowly. Literacy. Gets. In. The. Way.

Best line I've read all day -- no, in weeks -- really. All you need is one line, if you can write like this:

"Semi-automatic ruffle on a semi-formal gown."

That's Harryette Mullen, riffing off Gertrude Stein.

Get out of your cars, people. Put your feet on the ground.


Anonymous said…
Joshua moves by petrol or he doesn't move at all.
Rob Kistner said…
Here in Portland, OR, folks read while they bike. Book holders on handlebars. Oh my!!

--and so it goes--