My Father In Water

I've got new work in Blue Mesa Review, Spring 2007 Issue 19.
"My Father In Water" is an essay juxtaposing my father's death
from cancer with my girlfriend's father's homophobia.

Our blind dog makes a guest appearance, and there's a ghost in it, as well.

Right now I'm reading _The Man Suit_ (Zachary Schomburg),
which makes me see things backwards and upside down.


Anonymous said…
i just don't know about the submarine.

Brent Goodman said…
I'm reading the man suit too - makes me want to put on an avacado costume and talk to my telephone.
Anonymous said…
Hello there, Joshua again. I wanted to let you know that, as much as I love horses, and as much as I want to see that movie, I will not go to the zoo.
What do you think about that?
Sincerely, Joshua
Carol Guess said…
Darling Joshua,

Fine then. Leave the zoo animals to me.

I heart you.
Congrats on the pub! I hope I get a chance to read it.

Are you familiar with kari edwards work? I just learned of her during my trip to San Francisco. I'm reading/experiencing Idouna now...

The juxtaposition of vizpo and formed-po is really cool.