Poetry Reading October 11th in Edmonds

If you happen to be in Edmonds, Washington on October 11th, stop by and hear me read.

I'll be reading poetry at Edmonds Community College at 2pm in Mill Creek Hall.

That's National Coming Out Day, always a good day to scare your
neighbors by kissing in the flowerbeds. Or reading poetry out loud.


anthony said…

I am writing a paper about homosexuality, specifically, the result of coming out and how to cope with family issues as well as social discrimination. (or at least I think that's where I'm heading...)

My english instructor had told me to attend your poetry reading, but I wasn't able to make it. I was wondering if you could reference me any good sources (that or perhaps web articles/journals).


Carol Guess said…
hi anthony,

i sent you an email, but in case you check these comments:

first off, congrats on choosing such an exciting topic for your paper!

second, it's impossible for me to guide you toward sources when there are just so many ... you shouldn't have any problem finding sources on the internet.

if you're curious about which books i teach in my GLBT class, you can read my academic blog at:

i wish you the best in your research and writing, anthony.