Carol and Elizabeth together in print!

Check out Front Porch Journal, an online journal where Elizabeth and I just appeared in print together for the first time:

My essay is about border crossings, marriage, and meth labs. E's story is excerpted from her brilliant novel-in-progress and features adults acting like kids and kids acting like adults.

The editors at Front Porch were fantastic; it was fun working with them.

I do wish they'd let me keep the blow-up doll.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your essay on Frontporch. Very much.

My marriage was taboo once upon a time. I'm Caucasian, my wife is Chinese-American. When we were dating we lived in San Francisco, and sometimes on the streetcar or somewhere I would notice some older Chinese person giving us The Stink Eye. It would really piss me off.

"Hey - you got a problem?"

Ping would be embarassed that I spoke to them. Other than that, it was no big deal. I can't imagine what it is like for same-sex couples just trying to live their life. I would image the 'looks' are much more often, and probably more rude. Even dangerous.

Now we have been married for many years. Our 16 year old son is a Junior in high school. William is in the Gay-Straight Alliance at school, helping to keep gay kids from being picked on, etc. Normally the at homecoming, the Seniors pick a Homecoming King & Queen, the Juniors pick a Prince and Princess. This year, my son's class picked a gay couple, two princes, for homecoming.

Even though I had nothing to do with this, I was proud. A change is going to come, Carol. It really is. I believe that in the long run, kindness always wins out.

James Lee Jobe
Carol Guess said…
Thank you, James, for the smart and personal response! I sense an essay in your reply -- seems like this is a story worth sharing.