Bechdel blogs

I'll soon be teaching Alison Bechdel's FUN HOME
in my GLBT Literature class. The book delights me,
not least because it reminds me of reading
Bechdel's comic strip DYKES TO WATCH
OUT FOR while working at a feminist bookstore.
The comic strip was included in the underground
dyke publication LESBIAN CONNECTION, which
arrived in the mail folded lengthwise and stapled
about 100 times (lest a man, or a non-lesbian,
find the publication and read it, thereby causing
it to self-destruct).

I miss some of those funny little details --
the staples in LC; the smell of the bookstore,
which was filled with incense and shrines to
various goddesses; potlucks and softball
practice. It's nice to see Bechdel's success,
to see an out lesbian writer gain mainstream
attention without selling out or closeting
her subjects.

She has a blog, too, which I just discovered:


Anne said…
A while back I was going through my books and cataloging them on LibraryThing, and every now and then I came across a book that smelled faintly of the bookstore -- that mix of incense and the particular glossy paper Naiad and Firebrand and some of the other publishers used for their covers. It made me awfully nostalgic.

Didn't LC actually sell staple removers as a fundraiser once? :)
Carol Guess said…
Staple removers -- now that's funny.

I know exactly what you mean about the smell.

I'd love to write an essay about the bookstore but every time I try, it comes out wrong. Hard to capture a precise moment in time.