Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun With Fonts

I had an amusing conversation with
one of my fabulous VRZHU Press editors
the other day. The folks at the press
are mulling over which font to use for
the book (forthcoming!). How
charming to talk with someone about
such precise details as font and white
space -- to think about presentation
and art and beauty, the book as a
canvas, and not just reviews,
networking, copies sold.

Thanks to Michael and Dan;
thanks to Truong and Mandy
for writing blurbs that
live secret lives as tiny poems.


MEDEA poetica said...

Ooo, I love fonts! Herculanum is cool but a little too medieval for contemporary poems. FuriosoTitling is good for titles but has a real distinct look. Hard to lose with Gill Sans for titles -- simple and clean. Ditto Verdana.

Garamond is good for text . So's Georgia. Or Hoefler Text.

My all-time favorites are better suited for posters however: MonkeyCaughtStealing and Trixie.

Aren't fonts cool? (And wow, they're already talking about fonts with you?!)

nancy p. said...

So, what font is it to be? To serif or not serif....

I love fonttalk.... ;)

Carol Guess said...

I don't know the name! But I hope to have an answer soon. I do understand that the font they picked has a story to it, a story that links it to my poetry -- love, fire, war, passion --

A many-fingered font. A fierce font. A font of no more war, perhaps.