Knockout is here

and has a charming blue tin man on the cover.
It's precisely the right weight and feels slick to the touch.

Order/subscribe/gawk at:

The first issue has poems by Marvin Bell (who starts things off
by taking a huge risk, with a stunning address to President Bush
and Lady Laura, and a condemnation of poets whose work
plays it safe, poets who refuse to challenge the status quo),
Carl Phillips, Charles Jensen, Joseph Massey, Denver Butson,
me, and more. Really -- there's nothing here not to like.

I'm intruiged by a new poet, Kimberly Lambright. Her work
is tender and forthright at the same time.

If you're in Spokane, don't miss the reading Dec. 1st.


Dennis said…
I'll have to check that out!
Brent Goodman said…
ooo I hope my copy's in the mail tonight! Thanks for the preview.
Anne said…
I never get anything until days after everyone else does... hopefully my subscription copy will show up soon! I need to give 'em a try with some poems too, but that requires actually getting off my butt and getting something done....
Charles said…
Your poems in Knockout are amazing.

Is there a book?
Carol Guess said…
Hi Y'all,

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Charles, there is a book -- Tinderbox Lawn will be published by Rose Metal Press in 2008.

All of the poems are small prose blocks, untitled.

Strongly inspired by Richard Siken, Carl Phillips, and the surreal city of glossy/gritty Seattle.