An interview with Eileen Myles

Here's a link to an interview with Eileen Myles, focused on place, poetry, and community:


MEDEA poetica said…
The photos -- except for Mapplethorpe's -- don't do her justice -- but what a revealing glimpse into the compromises we make in our too common struggle to forge a living from our craft.

Creative types who abandoned NYC's inspiration as economic realities set in will relate to Myles's rebellion against the uniformity that festers just beyond our creative hotbeds. Many will also nod in agreement to Myles's discovery that she can produce more outside of the city.

The struggles are different in more uniform terrain, but this terrain reveals our truths/commonalities differently too, still offers inspiration.

Thanks for sharing this piece and belated birthday greetings to you.
lynda said…
Thanks for the link, Carol. I really enjoyed the interview.