Censoring Fun


Here's a link to an article about protests over
the use of Alison Bechdel's gorgeous graphic novel,
Fun Home, in the classroom.

I've taught this text several times now, and I'm
happy to say that my students found the book
wise, funny, complex, and beautiful.

But of course, any serious discussion of lesbian
life in all its rich detail -- including sex, yes,
but also washing the dishes and chopping wood
(Bechdel is funny about this on her blog) --
equates to peddling pornography. If simply
describing lesbian life is porn, how can I navigate
the classroom at all?


Sarah said…
That sort of reminds me of talking to the history professor who teaches History of the Pacific Northwest (I forget his name...) - one of his textbooks involves a mention of homosexuality among early White settlers, and I guess his ratemyprofessor page mentions that his teaching involves "hot gay action."