New work and book tour ahead

The latest issue of Mid-American Review (Volume XXVIII, No. 2)
includes my short piece "Nebraska."

I was moved by Andrew Grace's prose poems in the same issue.
Lovely work.

Love Is A Map I Must Not Set On Fire (VRZHU Press)
is almost ready to go; should be in print within weeks.
Tinderbox Lawn (Rose Metal Press) will be out in November.
Details to come. Thanks to all involved in the production process.

I'll be doing a book tour in November, December, and January;
dates in Vancouver BC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, and
elsewhere. I'll post dates here as they're confirmed.

If you know of a bookstore/college/coffee shop within driving
distance of Seattle that would be interested in having me read,
send me an email and I'll try to arrange it:

If you are interested in looking at either text for a class,
I'm happy to chat with you via email about ways of opening
up an electronic discussion with your students. Again, email me...

Happy summer, folks.


Anne Haines said…
Hooray for the books! Let us know how we can order them when the time comes. :)
Mel Michaels said…
Hi Carol!
I can't wait to read your book. In fact your publisher called the bookstore I work at in Tacoma. For a reading? Could this be true? I am so going to advertise the %$#@ out of your book!

hooray :)

Carol Guess said…
Thanks friends! I appreciate the kind words.

Mel, yes, my publisher is starting to plan a book tour now -- I hope to see you soon, and catch up on your adventures! It would be great to read at your store.

More soon.
Mel Michaels said…
Carol! I'm opening up my own bookstore on the Island and I'm going to have a huge grand opening soon and was wondering when I get the date in black and white and if it doesn't conflict with your book tour if you would want to do a book signing at my bookstore?

OH! and my manuscript is complete! I'm going to be sending it off to various publishers within the next month and would love to have you read it (when you get the time of course)....
Carol Guess said…

Yes, I'd love to read at your bookstore. Congrats! What's it called? And do send along your manuscript.

Looking forward,