Corporate Folly Claims Another Beloved Venue

Bellingham's beloved Newstand is being forced to close after 18
years of local ownership. Not only is The Newstand a great
place to buy all manner of publications, it's
also famous (at least locally) for fighting, and winning,
a court case involving censorship.

Over the past decade I've sent so many students into the shop
to look at creative writing journals, as well as GLBT
and news magazines. This impacts me as a teacher;
I'm also sad to think my morning coffee run won't involve
stopping by The Newstand to chat with Ira and
look at newspapers from around the globe.

We're lucky to have a number of really solid,
high-quality, locally-owned shops in and around
downtown Bellingham -- but for how long?


This is tragic. I used to love to pick up a few good words and bring them to work with me...