Doll Studies chapbook

I promised more news soon, and here it is:
Dancing Girl Press will be printing a chapbook
of my Doll Studies manuscript this Spring. 

Visit Dancing Girl Press here, for more
news about past and future publications.
I'm in such good company:

Meanwhile, I'm reading Kristy Bowen's
The Fever Almanac. Here are lines from


My bones are looking for something
to lick. Car crashes fill our mouths,
sugared and thrashing.

Beneath the pinks of our dresses,
in our collarbones,
there is famine.


I return to her work often to think about ways of
describing femininity as both trap and salvation,
and ways of writing about desire, hunger,
and sensuality in the context of violence against women
without sounding didactic. It's the lack of didacticism
that makes her lines so memorable.


The Igloo Oven said…
congrats on the new chapbook, sounds intriguing