My mini-essay on Heather Lewis

This issue of American Book Review features "Top 40 Bad Books."
I had fun writing a mini-essay about Heather Lewis's stunningly 
good novel, Notice, which she rewrote to form her stunningly 
bad novel, The Second Suspect.

Writing the essay allowed me to say something I've been thinking
about for a long time. I wish I'd known Heather, and I wish she
was still here to write more books like Notice. Our first books
were published at the same time. I remember walking around
the OutWrite Conference (now defunct), feeling shy and awkward,
envying her because she had fans, and beautiful clothes, and seemed
to know everyone. Now I understand how much of an act that
was, how silly I was, and I wish I could've spoken with her even for a minute. 

I wish I'd said something real.

Find a download of all the essays here (I make no claims
for the other 39 essays!):