AWP Conference Events

Hi folks. I'm attending the AWP Conference
in Washington, DC. Please stop by
and visit me at one of the following events:

Friday, Feb. 4th, 2011

VRZHU book signing

Panel: Don't Ask/Don't Tell the Workshop
(on the politics of teaching workshop, with
a focus on queer issues)
12 pm - 1:15pm

Rose Metal Press book signing

I'm excited to meet you. I really am.
Of course, I'm sort of shy and introverted,
which makes AWP a little hard because
it looks like this:
and this:
and this:
which is strange to me, because I think writing looks like this:

and usually doesn't involve other people. However,
please visit me. Tell me about your work. Read me a
poem or, if you prefer, a very short story, or the start
of one. I would really like to know what you've been
up to, even if we've never met.


Martha Silano said…
Hey Carol -- I'm mostly an extrovert and AWP isn't always easy (mostly b/c the Book Fair is way over the top in the stimulation dept!) ; I can't imagine being shy and attempting such a conference. The thing is, all 7,000 strong of us have to do our hard work all alone, so it's kinda nice to have a party together for a few days, yes?
Carol Guess said…
Hi Martha! I've been meaning to say "congrats" -- such exciting book news for you. I'm excited about AWP, all 7,000 of us. Actually, I think it might be 10,000 now. Hope to run into you ... xo