Snowed out

Disappointing news: I'm snowed out of AWP.
My flights through Chicago were canceled, so
I'm home, reading my conference paper to my cat.
Safe travels to you all, and please feel free to email
me if you've got questions about any of my books
or my panel presentation topic. I'm always happy
to chat on email: carolannguess (at) gmail (dot) com
Maybe it's time for AWP to schedule a conference
in a warmer location. Seattle or Portland anyone?


It'll be in Seattle 2014. Next year, Chicago, but in March. Then in Boston . . . also in March.

Bummed that you're not here because I want to gossip with you.
Carol Guess said…
Yeah for March and yeah for Seattle! I'm super-depressed to be missing this year.

Gossip -- yes! I may have to stop by your office on your return for stories. Have a great conference, Oliver.