My Father In Water: creative nonfiction collection now available!

My Father In Water is available from Shearsman
Books! This creative nonfiction collection includes
both new and previously published material
(including my essays "Red," "Aperture," and
"Evelyn"). Shearsman is an amazing press,
home to many of today's best poets. I'm honored
to be included among their authors.
Here's the link to my page:
And here's a photo of my dad, Harry A. Guess.
I miss him a lot. Hi, Dad.
 Also, if you're interested in science and medicine, you might
want to check out the Harry Guess Research Community,
a virtual research community for pharmacoepidemiology.
Which seems to be spelled wrong on their website,
although maybe scientists have their own spellings for things.
As always, let me know if you're interested in reviewing
or teaching the book. Happy reading!