Doll Studies: Forensics just released!

My new prose poetry collection Doll Studies: Forensics
has just been published by Black Lawrence Press!
You can order the book on BLP's website, at any 
independent bookstore, or on Amazon.
I'll be reading from the book in Seattle on Tuesday,
Feb. 21st at Open Books, our wonderful all-poetry
bookstore in Wallingford. The reading is free
and open to the public, and starts at 7:30pm.

Doll Studies: Forensics is based on artwork created 
by Frances Glessner Lee during the 1940's. Lee constructed 
a series of dioramas titled "The Nutshell Studies 
Of Unexplained Death." Each diorama depicts 
a crime scene, littered with clues that may be used 
to solve the crime. I developed my poems in response 
to artist Corrine May Botz's photographs of Lee's 
dioramas, as well as her research on the topic. 
Botz's website includes images from her brilliant book 
The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death:
As always, I welcome inquiries from teachers 
and reviewers. I'm happy to send out review copies,
and to converse with instructors about ways to use
my book in the classroom. I also welcome feedback 
from readers and suggestions for my next obsession!
It was fun being in this book. I'd love to find another project
that feels similarly consuming.