New Pages Review

Thanks to Jodi Paloni for this insightful, elegant review
of Darling Endangered in New Pages:
It's exciting to feel read and understood.
In other news, I had to say goodbye to my
beloved dog Rainer. Here's a picture of him
with a tennis ball. I still feel him with me, very much.
He was born blind, and had epilepsy and
some form of brain damage. He was
incredibly smart and learned to work around
these disabilities in strange, brilliant ways.
For example, he could memorize the layout
of any room in seconds by sort of bumping his
way around the room deliberately, until he
understood where the furniture started and stopped.
He could only recognize the right side of the world,
not the left, but of course, if you spin to the right
hard and fast enough, you end up on the left.
He liked Johnny Cash and Mozart, but hated techno.
It's difficult to face loss fully, so I'm trying to think about
my two cats and sweet dog Cally right now. Cally
seems happy to be an only dog. She's puppyish
and playful, no longer watching out for the blind guy.
But I really miss him. He was incredibly loving and loyal.