New Book From Matter Press

Hello friends. I'm delighted to announce that Matter Press
has just published my latest book, Index of Placebo Effects.
It's available for purchase right here:
We spent a long time deciding on a cover. Randall Brown
and students in the Rosemont College MFA program
created the format and book design. Thanks to all involved.

This tiny book is based on the index of my father's
co-edited anthology, The Science of the Placebo.
I selected terms from the index of his book
and used them to organize a fractured, fragmented
narrative that was originally part of a longer manuscript
titled Hand mit Ringen. While I was working on
Doll Studies: Forensics, I winnowed part of that longer
manuscript into the story of a vet returning from WWII.
It appears in Doll Studies as "Departure Lounge."
Then I worried and revised and changed the remaining
material, adding and subtracting, returning to the
original narrative: the story of two women, a plane crash,
and too many cameras. Guided at first by the NATO phonetic
alphabet, I eventually used the index of my father's book
to structure their story, which became Index of Placebo Effects.
As always, I miss my father, and wish I could share
this process with him. I suppose the path to scientific
discovery is not that different from the path to
a story: hard work and happy accidents.