Nostalgia = Time

Weird. Suddenly The L Word is an ancient artifact of lesbian history. And here to get all nostalgic about it is Autostraddle, one of my very favorite blogs, so brilliant and funny, even if it seems to ignore the lives of queer women over the age of 30 (easy enough, I'm sure; we're all pretty boring). Yes, it's time for The Top 12 Best "L Word" Episodes Ever. Meaning Shane and Carmen. Meaning time is passing, and soon my Queer Studies students won't even know what it is. Like that time I mentioned the HIV/AIDS crisis in the gay male community during the 1980's, and several students had no idea what I was talking about. Like that time I was talking about 9/11 and one of my students said that his mom turned off the TV that day so he never learned what happened. Also, I am old. Which is okay because that is what happens to people who start out young and don't die. It would be nice if something could take the place of The L Word on TV right now, but since that doesn't seem likely, I'll just keep re-watching episodes of The Wire, which is one of the greatest visual narratives ever created, and complaining about all the problems with Girls.


riese said…
thank you for linking to our post!! sidenote; if "the l word" is an ancient artifact though i might have to stick my head in a food processor (i wrote the piece and i'm 31, so!) or else, you know, just watch The Wire again.
Carol Guess said…
Thanks for being so funny and wise, Riese. Autostraddle keeps me sane!