New poems! New story!

Hi friends. Lots of new work to share! Kristina Marie Darling and I have a collaborative poem in the August/September 2013 issue of Shelf Unbound. "Flowers Pressed In A Book" appears on page 62. It's taken from our collaborative book X Marks The Dress: A Registry, which describes a faux wedding registry. Another collaborative poem, "3-Tiered Steamer," appeared on Verse Daily today. Sadly, D. Bruce Hanes has been barred from issuing any more same-sex marriage licenses in PA, while Batwoman's marriage to Maggie Sawyer 

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has also been called off (and the creative team of J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman quit in protest). In much happier news, Autostraddle is throwing a bake sale,
Graphic by Geneva Armstrong via Autostraddle
Orange is the New Black exists (THANK YOU FOR HOT, FUNNY, FEMINIST TV), 
and Writer's Digest interviewed me and Kristina about our book; thanks Robert Brewer! Finally, raccoons. They're here, there, and everywhere. For real. A few months ago, raccoons took up residence in a 150 foot tower crane in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle (ie where I lived at the time). Then the feisty creatures disappeared without a trace. Kelly Magee and I couldn't resist writing a story about raccoons for our collection With Animal (Black Lawrence Press, 2015). It's called "With Raccoon" and it lives here, in Animal Literary Magazine. 

(Also, we blame the typo on the raccoons. They steal C's and eat them. In fact it is possible to spell raccoon with only one C, but as a C name myself, I prefer two.)
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