Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants

Seattle can do better than this: the Woodland Park Zoo's elephants are suffering. Science, compassion, and common sense obligate us to release these amazing creatures to a sanctuary. It's difficult to face this sadness, but please take the time to view the materials on the website of the Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants. This includes a heartbreaking video of Watoto pacing in solitary confinement. 

Only by speaking in defense of animals will human cruelty toward animals ever change. There are so many options for action. Anything you can do is helpful; take even the smallest step toward change and you will have an impact. Don't be overwhelmed; single out one or two actions that you can do today.
Elephant Sanctuary: Hohenwald Tennessee
A fantastic example of this sort of small step activism is the Justice for Joseph movement that's been created around the case of Joseph, a German Shepherd found starving and neglected, tied to a tree for four years in someone's backyard in Ohio. There's a wonderful community that has formed on Facebook to rally around Joseph's recovery; happily, this community has expanded to call for justice for the many other abused and neglected dogs who deserve rescue and loving homes. It's great to read posts by people who learned about Joseph and decided to take action -- adopting a dog from a shelter, donating money or time, writing letters, making phone calls, making art. Action is one alternative to depression and every action counts in this instance.