New Fiction Collection in 2015

I'm thrilled that Kelly Magee and I have a short story collection forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in 2015. Titled With Animal, the stories focus on humans who become pregnant with animal (or non-human) babies. We've got unicorns, dragons, jellyfish, locusts, hippos, sparrows, and lots more. Individual stories have already appeared here, there, and everywhere, including Smokelong Quarterly, Heavy Feather Review, Animal Literary Magazine, and Juked. Look for stories forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, Passages North, Indiana Review, Sundog Lit, Word Riot, Animals Among Us, Spittoon, and elsewhere. We're incredibly lucky to feature art by Todd Horton on the book's cover.
Art by Todd Horton
If you're in the Seattle/Bellingham/Vancouver, BC region, be sure to catch Todd's latest show at Smith &Vallee Gallery in Edison, Washington.

In other book news,  decomP magazinE features a review of F IN. Thanks to Spencer Dew for such an insightful review! And while you're thinking about animals in art, please take a minute to learn about Justice for Joseph on his Facebook page, and maybe even donate to the cause at Network for Good.