New Short Fiction @ Word Riot

Kelly Magee and I have a short story up on Word Riot. It's titled "With Cat," but don't think cute, think claws. We had so much fun writing our first book together that we're working on a second short story collection, tentatively titled Your Sick
Also, today I'm giving a two hour lecture on the history of 20th/21st century American feminism and the lesbian sex wars. I'm very excited. Also, I've been thinking about shunning as a form of violence, particularly among women. It seems to me that there are some very specific ways that women bully other women, and shunning/exclusion/ostracism is a common kind of casual violence, usually justified by passing public judgement, which can also be a form of violence. I know there's lots of research on this, and I'm glad someone is finally paying attention to the particular ways that women bully women (or girls bully girls). Thinking about the history of feminism, I wonder what can be done differently to balance the need for inclusion with the need for definition; the very human need for kindness/compassion with the need to express rage. I'm also excited to be reading Sarah Schulman's The Gentrification of the Mind; you might want to read it, too.