Elephants Suffer at the Woodland Park Zoo

On July 14th I participated in a peaceful demonstration against the Woodland Park Zoo at a Seattle City Council meeting. Although the City Council refused to allow us to speak, we were able to generate thoughtful publicity for the plight of elephants suffering in damaging conditions in Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. 
These elephants deserve better; all of them deserve to be retired to a sanctuary. Moreover, the zoo is about to move one of the elephants, Watoto, to another zoo with similarly poor conditions for elephant health and well-being. Our question: since WPZ is moving Watoto anyway, why not transport this elephant to a sanctuary for starters? You can find more information about this issue on the website Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants. Also, on The Dodo today, there's a heartbreaking story about the death of a captive elephant that really highlights the importance of taking action on this issue now, before the WPZ elephants die in a heartbreakingly stressful environment.