With Animal unleashed!

Welcome to the world, little book. I'm so glad Kelly and I made you. 
With Animal, a collection of short stories co-written with Kelly Magee, is now available from Black Lawrence Press, Small Press Distribution, and other independent book vendors. (Although SPD says the book isn't available yet, it will be arriving any day.) Please let me know if you're interested in a review copy. Kelly and I are also happy to craft questions for book groups or classroom discussion, answer interview questions, Skype with students, and otherwise promote this book, which we are very proud of! And hope you enjoy. It is a feral creature, all fur and sharp teeth, fleet feet, and purr. 
Cover art: Todd Horton


Quetou said…
Carol, I'm happy to see you here and discover your work. I don't know if you remember me, CHHS, 1986 - Russell Dula. Continue to make us proud. Love your artistic journey!
Carol Guess said…
Oh gosh, thanks Russell! Of course I remember you. Such a great, smart cohort at CHHS!