New work: essay, story, podcast!

Hello friends! I'm back, and you can find new work in three places. Here's a lyric essay on the art of collaboration in Brevity magazine's blog. Titled "Collaboration as a Form of Love," it explores the overlap between artistic collaboration and intimacy.

Looking for a prose poem/flash fiction thingie? I've got that, too, over at the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. It's called "Cuttings."

Finally, if you're stuck in traffic and you've listened to all the 2 Dope Queens podcasts already, lend an ear to Second Hand Stories, a fabulous free fiction podcast. I've got a short story in episode 12, "Somehow Always Getting It Right," co-written with Elizabeth J. Colen (who also reads the piece) and paired up with Emily Roese's story "The Art of BODYCOMBAT."