Interview with Aimee Parkison

This year I had the good fortune to collaborate with Aimee Parkison (whose solo work I've long admired) on a new short story collection. Titled Zoochosis, the book critiques the concept of zoos (nonhuman animal captivity) by focusing on what we called "the girl zoo" -- women and girls enclosed in confinement and captivity. We used the term "confinement" loosely, including both literal and figurative forms of restriction. The project quickly veered from realism into magical realism, and from there into experimental forms including footnotes and stories that turned in on themselves, surprising both of us. This joint interview in New Delta Review gave us the opportunity to discuss our latest short story, "Girl in Dog House," recently published in NDR. I'm so grateful for this forum, especially for the opportunity to connect our project to the "Me, too" movement specifically and feminism more broadly. 

Gazelle Naghshbandi "All Are Immigrants"