New work in Foundry and New Delta Review

Hello humans: I'm hard at work on two books, both solo projects. One is poetry and one is short stories, but they might actually be the same book. You know how it goes; something seems like one thing, turns into something else. Art veers and swerves and switches until something beautiful stalls on the tracks. Here are two new things for you to read. First, in Foundry magazine, one of the poems from my new manuscript: "How to Replace Worry With Trust." And then, in New Delta Review, a short story written in collaboration with my friend Aimee Parkison. Our piece, "Girl in Dog House," was nominated for a Pushcart. Think gun safety! Think feral cats out of control! It's part of Zoochosis, our manuscript of short fiction focused on girls in confinement and captivity. Both magazines also include interviews: here for Foundry; coming soon for New Delta Review. Stay tuned, because I'm writing again -- lyric poetry and feminist horror. Not at the same time. But maybe. xo 
Leonardo Magrelli. Untitled, from the series "I met Almost nobody in Sweden," 2015.