Podcast! Award Nomination! New Poems! New Stories!

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While I've been pandemic-ing, I've also been busy. Thanks to Big Other and John Madera for inviting me to join the conversation on Jamming Their Transmission, alongside Davis Schneiderman and Tony Trigilio for Podcast Episode #14, Life During the Contagion.
I'm thrilled to announce that Girl Zoo, my short fiction collection co-written with Aimee Parkison, has been nominated for the 2019 Big Other Book Award for Fiction. It's an honor to be included on such a stellar shortlist. Check out the nominees here. 
Western Humanities Review recently published three stories from Girl Zoo online here, including "Girl in Ransom Note," one of my favorites. Hungry for poetry? Here are three new poems in Superstition Review, co-written with Rochelle Hurt, from our manuscript-in-progress.

Stay tuned for future updates! I have short fiction forthcoming in Tupelo Quarterly, poems in Juked, hybrid work in Hotel Amerika, and lots of work-in-progress.
As ever, be well. C