Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rose Metal Press

Happy news: Rose Metal Press has picked up my prose poetry manuscript,

It will appear as a book in 2008.

I'm delighted, both because Rose Metal Press makes such beautiful,
elegant books, and because I went a little crazy writing and revising
these poems. I knew what I was trying to do -- I had faith in my project --
but for a while I was pretty alone with it, in that way that artists
are sometimes alone with ideas. I just wasn't sure anyone else
would understand what I was trying to do.

The poems are structurally identical (or nearly): small blocks
of prose. No line breaks, little punctuation, no titles.
The goal I set for myself was to try to convey a very specific
sound without using line breaks or lots of punctuation;
without using titles to set the tone.

The themes are interwoven; I wanted the book to read
like fragments of a novel, as if someone cut a novel
into shards. Central to the book is the juxtaposition
of sex work and domestic labor. I wanted to write poems
that started in strip clubs and ended in kitchens (or vice versa).

Thanks to Elizabeth for endless conversations
about our various writing projects this summer;
thanks to Amanda and Jeremy for reading drafts.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Slaves Of Academe

Discovered a blog that makes it all better. Amazing how much less
alone this makes me feel:


Whoever you are--thank you.

The New Face Of Homophobia

From a scary new site:

Exodus Youth has launched a new initiative, the Allies,
Too project, whose
stated goal is “to build
a community of tolerance and respect.” As
Focus on the
Family reports, “We hope most
of all to bridge the gap between Christian and

GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered)
students that has been created
by the promotion
of false tolerance,” said Mike Ensley, youth analyst
Exodus. “Our goal is to embolden and educate
students to make a stand for real

tolerance – treating each other with dignity
and respect in the midst of


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carol and Elizabeth together in print!

Check out Front Porch Journal, an online journal where Elizabeth and I just appeared in print together for the first time:


My essay is about border crossings, marriage, and meth labs. E's story is excerpted from her brilliant novel-in-progress and features adults acting like kids and kids acting like adults.

The editors at Front Porch were fantastic; it was fun working with them.

I do wish they'd let me keep the blow-up doll.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Question for you. Yes, you.

Okay, fellow writerly types, here's a question: If you have a day job
(and most of us do), when do you write?

I'm looking for honest answers, but weird will do. And I'm asking purely out of
curiosity. I promise this won't appear in some boring article in The Journal Of
Dullness And Disorderly Discourse.

Post a comment or email me: carolguess [at] aol [dot] com

Rebecca Brown reads in Bellingham

Rebecca Brown will be reading on Monday, October 22nd at 6pm on Western Washington University's campus, Communications Facility Room 120.

Tell your friends, and join us in welcoming Rebecca back to creepy-crawly Bellingham as she celebrates the re-release of _The Haunted House_.

Everyone is invited; the event is free and open to the public.