Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pilot Books Celebrates Small Press Bookfest

Pilot Books is hosting a fantastic series of events this March,
in honor of small presses and their admirers. I'm reading
and hosting an informal workshop discussion on
prose poetry at 6pm (very) sharp on Saturday, March 13th.
But there are so many great readings happening --
how can you choose just one?

See you in the little attic soon enough.

Black Lawrence Press blog announcement

Black Lawrence Press has created a really lovely blog post for Doll Studies: Forensics.

Click the link below, then click "Blog" on the list to the left. You'll be
redirected to the page.

I loved writing this book. It was strangely peaceful, sitting in those
quiet rooms, trying to hear their stories. I want to feel that way
about a project again -- to get lost. That's the best part about
writing, for me -- the getting lost, the stillness, the listening.

I'm grateful to photographer Corinne May Botz and artist Frances 
Glessner Lee for creating such vivid imaginary worlds.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Book Forthcoming From Black Lawrence Press

I'm very excited to announce that my new poetry book, Doll Studies: Forensics, is forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press.

The poems are based on dollhouse crime scene dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee, as photographed and researched by Corinne May Botz in her fabulous book The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death (The Monacelli Press, Inc., 2004).

More information about Black Lawrence Press is available here:

And you can find some of Corinne May Botz's photographs here:

I'll keep you posted as more information about the book becomes available. Happy reading!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My mini-essay on Heather Lewis

This issue of American Book Review features "Top 40 Bad Books."
I had fun writing a mini-essay about Heather Lewis's stunningly 
good novel, Notice, which she rewrote to form her stunningly 
bad novel, The Second Suspect.

Writing the essay allowed me to say something I've been thinking
about for a long time. I wish I'd known Heather, and I wish she
was still here to write more books like Notice. Our first books
were published at the same time. I remember walking around
the OutWrite Conference (now defunct), feeling shy and awkward,
envying her because she had fans, and beautiful clothes, and seemed
to know everyone. Now I understand how much of an act that
was, how silly I was, and I wish I could've spoken with her even for a minute. 

I wish I'd said something real.

Find a download of all the essays here (I make no claims
for the other 39 essays!):

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doll Studies chapbook

I promised more news soon, and here it is:
Dancing Girl Press will be printing a chapbook
of my Doll Studies manuscript this Spring. 

Visit Dancing Girl Press here, for more
news about past and future publications.
I'm in such good company:

Meanwhile, I'm reading Kristy Bowen's
The Fever Almanac. Here are lines from


My bones are looking for something
to lick. Car crashes fill our mouths,
sugared and thrashing.

Beneath the pinks of our dresses,
in our collarbones,
there is famine.


I return to her work often to think about ways of
describing femininity as both trap and salvation,
and ways of writing about desire, hunger,
and sensuality in the context of violence against women
without sounding didactic. It's the lack of didacticism
that makes her lines so memorable.

Download this!

Sou'wester is featuring my prose poetry sequence 
"Revival of Rosemaling" on its website. You can download
the poems (from the Fall 2009 issue) here:

In the print edition of the journal, check out my colleague
Oliver de la Paz's feverish poems. I love sharing space 
with my pals. And speaking of sharing, Elizabeth and I
are in print together again in the latest edition of 
Packingtown Review. You can order the issue here:

Her story, "Neshaminy," is one of my favorites,
so much so that it's the epigraph to one of my novellas.

More news soon ...

Monday, February 1, 2010

No Tell Motel

I'm the featured poet in No Tell Motel this week.

Do drop in!