Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of Darling Endangered

Thanks to Emily Peterson Crespo for her review
of Darling Endangered in JMWW. Take a look:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Shelf Unbound

I'm honored to be included in the most recent issue
(December/January 2012) of Shelf Unbound.
They've highlighted my flash fiction/prose poem
"The Five Positions of the Feet," on p. 32
This is a gorgeous online journal focused on "what to read next
in independent publishing." It's free and easy to subscribe.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Slant Interview @ Flash Fiction Chronicles

Michelle Reale and I talk about Darling Endangered
in the latest issue of Flash Fiction Chronicles:

How To Be Friends With A Lesbian

In case you were wondering.
Photo credit: Tasya Van Ree    

Daniela Olszewska and I are here to answer your question! (All
of your questions, actually.) Check out our new collaborative
poems in the fabulous journal Jet Fuel Review, issue 2, Fall 2011:
Because we would love to be friends with you. Really!

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Work in Diode

Check out the latest issue of Diode,
which includes three poems I co-wrote
with Daniela Olszewska (collaborations
from our wikiHow project): "How to Do
the Cha Cha," "How to Cheat at Poker,"
and "How to Climb a Ladder Safely."
There's lots of great writing in this issue,
so be sure to linger.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Father In Water: creative nonfiction collection now available!

My Father In Water is available from Shearsman
Books! This creative nonfiction collection includes
both new and previously published material
(including my essays "Red," "Aperture," and
"Evelyn"). Shearsman is an amazing press,
home to many of today's best poets. I'm honored
to be included among their authors.
Here's the link to my page:
And here's a photo of my dad, Harry A. Guess.
I miss him a lot. Hi, Dad.
 Also, if you're interested in science and medicine, you might
want to check out the Harry Guess Research Community,
a virtual research community for pharmacoepidemiology.
Which seems to be spelled wrong on their website,
although maybe scientists have their own spellings for things.
As always, let me know if you're interested in reviewing
or teaching the book. Happy reading!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-Order Darling Endangered (and free PDF samples!)

It's hard to say no to free stuff. Brooklyn Arts Press
has posted a free PDF sample from my new flash fiction
collection, Darling Endangered, right here on their
website, where the book is now available for pre-order:
As always, I'm happy to send review copies to folks
who want to review the collection. I'm also happy
to work with teachers to create classroom materials
around this or any of my books. Just email me and
let's talk! carolannguess (at) gmail (dot) com

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To Stop Misbehaving In Public

This is such a problem for me! I am a misbehaving
sort. Apparently it's also a problem for my colleague in
crime, Daniela Olszewska, because we co-wrote a poem
about it, here:
It's got a longish title, so be prepared: "How to Ensure
No One Argues When Playing Princess Party Games
or How to Stop Misbehaving In Public." So there.
And yes, this is another poem from our wikiHow
manuscript, currently circulating, titled How To 
Feel Confident With Your Special Talents.
While you're visiting Sixth Finch, which
is always full of awesome poetry and art,
check out Angela Bacon-Kidwell's image
and Whitney Bedford's "Untitled (Spring)":

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Darling Endangered forthcoming from Brooklyn Arts Press

Brooklyn Arts Press has created a fabulous
webpage for my forthcoming flash fiction
collection, Darling Endangered. The cover
art thrills me. Check it out:
As always, I'm eager to hear both formal and informal
responses to my books. If you think you'd like
to write a review, email me and I'll provide you
with a comp copy. If you're planning to use
Darling Endangered in the classroom, I'd be happy
to correspond with your students, or help you create
a reading guide. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stoked Press: Bonus Material

Daniela Olszewska and I recently finished a collaborative
poetry/flash fiction manuscript titled "How To Feel Confident
With Your Special Talents." We were lucky to see one of
our poems appear in Stoked Journal, here:
Now Stoked Press has added bonus material for the
collection to their website. Check out our table of contents,
as well as the table of contents we wish we'd written!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New collaborative poem in Stoked

Check out the latest issue of Stoked,
which includes one of my collaborations
with Daniela Olszewska, "How to Enjoy
Your Wedding As a Pregnant Bride."

Then check out Cake Wrecks as an amusing postscript:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview in Denver Quarterly

Poet (and collaborator-in-crime) Daniela Olszewska
has concocted an interview with me for
Denver Quarterly. It's just out, in the current
issue: Volume 45, Number 4, 2011. We talk
about babies, body hair, boys, girls, dresses,
public sex, and Lady Poets of Today. Unfortunately
it's not available online, but here's a link to
Denver Quarterly for more information:
The trigger for the interview was an article
about the success of poets Matthew and Michael
Dickman, written by John Marshall.

Cover art for Darling Endangered

My new flash fiction collection Darling Endangered
will be published in November 2011 by Brooklyn
Arts Press. The cover art is gorgeous! Thanks to
artist Jonathan Allen for this amazing artwork.
I'm honored that his art will be the cover for my
book. Find out more about Jonathan Allen here:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vancouver's Queer Arts Festival Event

Yeah for queers, yeah for artists,
and yeah for the city of Vancouver, BC!
(Can you tell I used to be a
cheerleader?)  I'm reading as part of
the Queer Cross-Border Pollination Series
on Wednesday, August 3, 2011,
alongside a stellar group of Canadian
and U.S. writers: John Barton, Elizabeth Colen,
Jen Currin, Lydia Kwa, and Wayne
Koestenbaum, curated by Rachel Rose.
The event begins at 7:30pm
in the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall:
181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC.
Entry by donation. Hope to see you there!
For more information about this and
other festival events, here's the link:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forthcoming Essay Collection

Happy July! We've finally got sunshine here
on the Washington Coast. The cover to
my forthcoming essay collection reflects
a different kind of weather:

More information about My Father In Water
(scheduled for publication mid-October
2011) is available on the Shearsman Books site:
If you think you might be interested
in reviewing the collection or using it in
the classroom (great for Creative Nonfiction,
Women's Literature, Science Writing,
and Queer Studies classes), let me know
via email. I'll do my best to get you a comp
copy. Happy reading! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New work in Sawbuck 5.2

I've got four poems in Sawbuck 5.2,
including three from my forthcoming
collection, Doll Studies: Forensics,
and one new-new poem, "Minus Elephant,
Minus Bear." Here's a bear:

and here are bear cubs:
and here's the link to Sawbuck, which
the editor tells me is about to go on
"indefinite hiatus." Bummer.
But I'm still hoping Sleater-Kinney
will re-unite, so now I'm hoping
for Sawbuck, too.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Elliott Bay Book Company reading

On Sunday, May 8th at 5pm I'm reading alongside
Elizabeth Colen, Jen Currin, Tom Schabarum, and
Anna Swanson in honor of the Lambda Literary
Awards. All five of us are nominated (for various
poetry/fiction categories), and we're lucky to have
Nicola Griffith hosting this event. It's free and
open to the public. Join us at Elliott Bay Book
Company this weekend!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Collaborative Poems with Daniela Olszewska

Here are two more poems co-written with
Daniela Olszewska,  posted on the Richard
Hugo House blog. Enjoy! And if you're in
Seattle, join me at Hugo House tonight for
"Write Out: The Writer's Happy Hour" from
6-8pm. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Call for Submissions: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

Please share this call for submissions 
with friends and fellow writers!
On a more personal note, our tiny cat Mia
survived the Frightful & Mysterious Kitty
Sickness of 2011, and is now happy and playful.
Here's a photo from her sicklet days, taken by
my friend Kerry. Note tube in her neck: we
had to tube feed her every few hours for three
weeks! Oddly, the only thing that calmed her
during tube feedings was Project Runway.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry Collaboration with Daniela Olszewska: The wikiHow Project

Poet Daniela Olszewska and I are collaborating
on a new collection of poetry, based on wikiHow
entries. Check out "How to Take Action When
You Lose Sight of Your Child at an Amusement
Park" and "How to Stop Being in Love with a
Person You'll Never Meet" on the Richard Hugo
House blog:
And be sure to join the friendly folks at Hugo
House for next week's Write Out, a happy hour
for writers, on Tuesday, April 26th from 6-8pm.
John Burgess, David Nixon, and I will be hosting,
sharing writing prompts and scribbling away.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elliott Bay Book Company reading in May

Please join us! Celebrate the Lambda Literary Awards
with a reading at Elliott Bay Book Company
on Sunday, May 8th at 5pm. This event will be
hosted by Nicola Griffith:
I'll be reading alongside Elizabeth J. Colen,
Jen Currin, Tom Schabarum, and Anna Swanson.
This event is free, and open to the public.
Hope to see you there! (And don't forget
that Elliott Bay Book Company recently
moved to a new address.)

Homeschooling e-book available now!

If you're an e-book fan, here's a link to
Homeschooling in ePub (for iPad, Sony Reader)
or MOBI (for Amazon Kindle).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Heart My Wife

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts
is a new online journal focused, not on literary
genres, but on compression as a guiding
aesthetic. I've got new work featured on
the website: a tiny story called "I Heart My
Wife." Check it out:

Her Circle Ezine guest blog post

Her Circle Ezine offers vivid writing and art
on the topic of "feminine experience and socially
engaged creative practice." In honor of National
Poetry Month, I was asked to write a guest blog
post about the practice of poetry writing.
Here I am, cutting poems to shards:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homeschooling nominated for a Lambda & soon to be an e-book!

Homeschooling has been nominated for a Lambda
Literary Award, in the category of Lesbian Fiction.
I'm honored to be nominated alongside Lucy Jane
Bledsoe, Zelda Lockhart, Eileen Myles, and Zoe
Whittall. Check out the complete list of finalists here:
Also, Homeschooling is soon to be an e-book from
PS Publishing! I've never done an e-book before,
and I'm excited about making the novel available
to a wider audience. Stay tuned for more e-book
news (hint: starts with S) very soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Homeschooling reviewed @ Lambda

Here's a review of my novel, Homeschooling,
on Lambda Literary's website. Thanks to
Michelle Beltano Curtis for this thoughtful,
articulate response to my work:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playlist for Homeschooling @ Drunken Boat

Remember mixtapes? Well, I do.
Here's one for my novel Homeschooling,
over at Drunken Boat issue 13:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interview @ The Rejectionist

One of the best parts of teaching takes place
in the future, when students go on to become
artists, writers, and teachers who inspire others,
especially me! That's the case with The Rejectionist,
whose wit, intelligence, syntax, and politics continue
to thrill me. If you aren't reading The Rejectionist
regularly, you should be. Here's our interview:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Art of Compression

Check out this nifty new journal, as well as its
accompanying press, Matter Press:
photo: Diem Chau
In my graduate fiction workshop, we've been talking
about the power of hybrid work to encompass
the best traits of each genre. I like the phrase
"compressed creative arts" so much; finally
an aesthetic I can call my own! Not fiction, not nonfiction,
not poetry -- just tiny things. And when I google
"tiny things" I come up with this fabulous blog:
and from there to Diem Chau's art:
photo: Diem Chau

and now I'm back to dolls and miniatures,
the subject of my forthcoming book Doll Studies:
Forensics. My grad class is also exploring dance
as a trigger for writing, so I've been reflecting on
ways my background in dance (ballet) might have
influenced me as a writer. I know that compression
is absolutely central to my aesthetic, and that I actually
feel it in my body when I write. Pulling in and up,
like dancing on pointe. Maybe if I were a marathon
runner I'd be writing long, loopy novels. And of course,
these days I'm not dancing, but I do spend lots of time
in a very hot room, practicing Bikram yoga. Central
to this practice (contrary to popular thought on yoga)
is compression, not stretching. Take rabbit pose:
photo: Bikram Yoga White Rock
or standing head to knee:
photo: Bikram Yoga White Rock
I wonder sometimes, when I'm sweating in hundred degree heat,
how much of an influence a practice based on contraction
and release, based on compressing the body (rather than
stretching) has had on my obsession with prose blocks.
In other news, I recommend livestream Al Jazeera
and Rachel Maddow for updates on the Egyptian revolution:
image: Al Jazeera
Finally, because laughter is the best form of decompression,
here's "Julie & Brandy in your box office." Love them!
photo:Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed out

Disappointing news: I'm snowed out of AWP.
My flights through Chicago were canceled, so
I'm home, reading my conference paper to my cat.
Safe travels to you all, and please feel free to email
me if you've got questions about any of my books
or my panel presentation topic. I'm always happy
to chat on email: carolannguess (at) gmail (dot) com
Maybe it's time for AWP to schedule a conference
in a warmer location. Seattle or Portland anyone?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

AWP Details

It's hard to tear myself away from coverage of
the revolution in Egypt, but here are more details
on my AWP events. Please visit me if you're at
the conference! Let me know what you've been
up to, and where I can read your work. I'm also
increasingly interested in collaborating, especially
with visual artists, so keep that in mind.
Events on Friday, Feb. 4th:
10-11 am
book signing for Love Is A Map I Must Not Set On Fire

Panel: Don't Ask/Don't Tell the Workshop

Harding Room
Marriott Wardman Park, Mezzanine Level
F144. Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell the Workshop. (Lori Horvitz, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Carol Guess, Kristin Naca, Catherine Reid) This panel questions the common workshop practice of critiquing through a formalist lens, in which the larger ideological/historical contexts of a piece remain unspoken. What are the implicit tensions between this approach and teachers or students who perceive the workshop as an inherently political space? As queer women writers and teachers, we will discuss strategies and possibilities for raising social awareness in classroom discussions and dynamics.

Rose Metal Press
book signing for Tinderbox Lawn
and The Rose Metal Press Field Guide
to Prose Poetry

I'm also excited to share details about my three forthcoming 
Doll Studies: Forensics, forthcoming from 
Black Lawrence Press

A chapbook of Doll Studies appeared from
Dancing Girl Press, here:

Darling Endangered, forthcoming from 
Brooklyn Arts Press

Willful Machine, forthcoming from
PS Publishing

If you're interested in reviewing any
of my books, or just learning more
about them, let me know! Enjoy 
the conference. See you soon.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Autobiography of Cat

I'm crazy about this story by Joseph Young,
over at Dark Sky Magazine:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

AWP Conference Events

Hi folks. I'm attending the AWP Conference
in Washington, DC. Please stop by
and visit me at one of the following events:

Friday, Feb. 4th, 2011

VRZHU book signing

Panel: Don't Ask/Don't Tell the Workshop
(on the politics of teaching workshop, with
a focus on queer issues)
12 pm - 1:15pm

Rose Metal Press book signing

I'm excited to meet you. I really am.
Of course, I'm sort of shy and introverted,
which makes AWP a little hard because
it looks like this:
and this:
and this:
which is strange to me, because I think writing looks like this:

and usually doesn't involve other people. However,
please visit me. Tell me about your work. Read me a
poem or, if you prefer, a very short story, or the start
of one. I would really like to know what you've been
up to, even if we've never met.