Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New fiction in Juked

Here's new short fiction in Juked magazine. "With Human" was co-written with Kelly Magee as part of our ongoing collection of stories about humans pregnant with animal babies. More to come! 
And in tangentially related news, here's an update on the reunion of several of the Vicktory Dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Hearts and flowers to all. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

F IN reviewed in Heavy Feather

Thanks to Kelsie Hahn for writing a thoughtful, elegant review of 
F IN in Heavy Feather Review. It's exciting to see responses to this text -- the first book published by Noctuary Press. Cover artist Holly Andres keeps a blog here; check out her gorgeous new photos for a feature on running legend Prefontaine. 
Photo: Holly Andres, The Heart Shaped Locket

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Noctuary Press In The News!

Be sure to read about editor Kristina Marie Darling's plans
for this new hybrid publishing project, including my book
F IN and two more forthcoming titles: Eva Heisler's Drawing Water
and Kristy Bowen's the shared properties of water and stars.

Both Eva and Kristy have additional collections forthcoming.
Kore Press just published Eva's Reading Emily Dickinson In
Icelandic, a book I've been waiting to read and teach. I devoured
it on the plane ride home from AWP and it was gorgeous -- the best
book I've read in a long while. 

Kristy is a fellow Black Lawrence Press author. Her new book 
girl show will be published by BLP in 2013. I've read it in manuscript; 
it's mysterious, elegant, and passionate. I can't wait to read it again,
and to share it with my students.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Short Story in SmokeLong Quarterly

"With Dragon," a short story I co-wrote with Kelly Magee, is featured 
in SmokeLong Quarterly. This is the title piece to our collaborative collection of short stories, all focused on humans who become pregnant with animal babies. Clyde Petersen created this fabulous teenage dragon just for us. 

F IN just published by Noctuary Press

Noctuary Press has just published my hybrid text F IN, available here
F IN is an erasure of my own unpublished novella Willful Machine. 
The gorgeous cover art is by Holly Andres, from her series "Sparrow Lane," titled "The Heart Shaped Locket." I'm happy to answer any questions about the text and/or my writing process. Send me an email or visit me at AWP!