Thursday, February 28, 2013

AWP Boston -- Events

Hi. I'm attending the 2013 AWP Conference in Boston, and I hope to see you there! Here's a list of my events:

Thursday March 7, 2013

3-4:15 in Room 208 Hynes Convention Center 
Cross-Genre Crushes: Poets and Fiction Writers on Influence
I'm joined on this panel by Nicky Beer, Brian Barker, Alan Heathcock, and H.G. Carrillo

4-8pm at the Club Cafe (off site)
More than 50 LGBT writers will be reading at this fabulous event. I'm scheduled for 6-6:30pm; I share that time slot with Peter Covino, Eduardo C. Corral, Natalie Diaz, Greg Wrenn, and our host David Groff

7:30pm at The Nite Cap Lounge in The Beacon Street Tavern
Black Lawrence Press/Devil's Lake reading
I'm joining Adam Prince, Charlotte Pence, David Rigsbee, T.J. Beitelman, Claudia Cortese, and Nicolas James Hampton. Special feature: I'll be reading with my collaborator, Daniela Olszewska. We are meeting in person for the first time, so please come experience the insta-love!
Friday March 8, 2013

1pm at the Black Lawrence Press table
Book Signing 
I will be signing copies of Doll Studies: Forensics, and I would love to talk with you!

3-4pm at the Brooklyn Arts Press table
Table time!
I will be hanging out at the BAP table, and I would love to talk with you!

4:30pm at LIR bar
Brooklyn Arts Press reading
I'm joining fellow BAP authors in reading, talking, signing books, and hanging out!

Hope to see you soon! If you can't attend the conference but have questions about my books, feel free to email me (as always): carolannguess (at) gmail (dot) com

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nostalgia = Time

Weird. Suddenly The L Word is an ancient artifact of lesbian history. And here to get all nostalgic about it is Autostraddle, one of my very favorite blogs, so brilliant and funny, even if it seems to ignore the lives of queer women over the age of 30 (easy enough, I'm sure; we're all pretty boring). Yes, it's time for The Top 12 Best "L Word" Episodes Ever. Meaning Shane and Carmen. Meaning time is passing, and soon my Queer Studies students won't even know what it is. Like that time I mentioned the HIV/AIDS crisis in the gay male community during the 1980's, and several students had no idea what I was talking about. Like that time I was talking about 9/11 and one of my students said that his mom turned off the TV that day so he never learned what happened. Also, I am old. Which is okay because that is what happens to people who start out young and don't die. It would be nice if something could take the place of The L Word on TV right now, but since that doesn't seem likely, I'll just keep re-watching episodes of The Wire, which is one of the greatest visual narratives ever created, and complaining about all the problems with Girls.

Where Writers Write

The Next Best Book Blog hosts a fascinating series on writers at work called "Where Writers Write." I'm posting my entry belatedly, because I've been, well, writing. Here's my tiny essay about where and how I write best. Lately my puppy Theo has been patiently listening to me read stories aloud. (This picture was his ad at the animal shelter that saved his life. He was hiding under his bed, terrified. Now he's quite confident and joyful, and walks to school with me almost every day.)

Monday, February 18, 2013

New book in process!

Fiction writer Kelly Magee and I are hard at work on a full-length collaborative manuscript of short stories, tentatively titled With Dragon. I won't give away the theme just yet, but there are ladies and there are animals. And none of them are ladylike. We're hoping to include illustrations by artist Clyde Petersen. The first story will appear soon in SmokeLong Quarterly, with one of Clyde's drawings, so stay tuned! (Also we are taking requests for animals-as-minor-characters. Sloths are on the list.) 



Ready for more collaborative work from X Marks The Dress: 
A Registry? Here's a poem co-written with Kristina Marie Darling
in issue #8 of Requited magazine:
And be sure to check out all the great writing in this issue, 
as well as Tyler Mallory's photos:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Heavy Feather Review Interview

Kristina Marie Darling and I had great fun answering Nathan Moore's clever interview questions about our forthcoming book, X Marks The Dress: A Registry. The interview is up at Heavy Feather Review. Thanks Nathan and Kristina!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Poems in Mudlark

Mudlark has just published several new poems from my forthcoming collection, X Marks The Dress: A Registry, co-written with Kristina Marie Darling. Here's a link to the journal:
and here's a link to our page: